Terra Firma’s Mission

Provide therapeutic programs to our military veterans in a safe, welcoming environment so they can begin to heal from their wounds, both visible and invisible.

In western Maryland, at the confluence of the Appalachian Trail and C&O Canal, is a special place that is being groomed for a truly unique project. Bounded by the beauty of the Potomac and Shenandoah Rivers, the perfect site is in place to build a retreat for military veterans and their families searching for a peaceful place to heal.

The Operation Red Wings Foundation is developing the Terra Firma Retreat Center. This will become the ORWF’s third retreat center and is intended to become their flagship location.

This retreat is being built in response to a growing need for therapeutic program facilities for our nation’s heroes. Terra Firma will be a world-class destination designed to stabilize and enhance family structures and relationships through education, counseling, and support.

Terra Firma will be the next phase in the Operation Red Wings Foundation mission to provide much-needed assistance to our heroes. We are excited to endeavor on this very important and meaningful mission and look forward to what is to come.